look at how far we have come in our attempts to create life from nothing, only to have nothing to show for it other than these monstrous creatures. look at the pain and suffering in their dull, lifeless eyes as they realize they are an abomination against god and all things pure. no amount of praying will save them now. nothing will save US now. we were fools

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what did marilyn monroe do besides being a wholesale jump off for yall to be worshiping her

^ first of she represented every girls who has girls and uplifted girls self esteem.. do your research before you criticize anybody!

how u say first off and then only say one thing

She represented every girls who has girls

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I love how in FFX the cutscenes are gorgeous but the ingame CG is kind of

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Anime dies tonight

I life on a farm and cow comes out sry

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Exhibit 321
Gragas [39:33]: sry must go
Thresh [39:37]: end
Thresh [39:38]: ?
Gragas [40:05]: i life on a farm and a cow comes out sry
(Thanks to SlijepiPutnik for the quote!)

Exhibit 328
Rammus [32:10]: je prefere sa que detre une salope denfant chinenne comme to.
Nidalee [32:21]: sorry im not a beaner

Exhibit 329
Leona [10:31]: dravenafk?
Draven [14:23] soz was making my lunch
Leona [20:34]: draven afk again??????  
Draven [22:20]: soz was eating my lunch 
Leona [33:32]: AFK AGAIN OMFG
Draven [35:14]: soz was washing the dishes
Leona [36:57]: UR FAT
(Thanks to llllllll/Kathy for the quote!)

Exhibit 332
Lee Sin [All][07:57]: can’t wait to see you again top khazix
Kha’Zix [All][08:08]: lee don’t you have some fedoras to sort?
(Thanks to manly-aggression for the quote!)

move over monogatari 
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Me (located in Iceland) and my friend (located in New Zealand) made the biggest sandwich of all time.
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